Release of CubeBackup for Google Workspace version 4.11

CubeBackup for Google Workspace V4.11 includes global and advanced search, upgraded backup snapshots, and more new features and significant improvements. Upgrade to the latest version and experience these enhancement firsthand.

Release of CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 version 1.1

We are excited to announce the release of CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 V1.1. After an intensive six-month period of development and thorough testing, CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 brings significant improvements, introduces several new features, and addresses existing issues. 1. New feature: Docker version support The CubeBackup official Docker image is now available on Docker Hub […]

Release of CubeBackup for Google Workspace version 4.9

CubeBackup for Google Workspace V4.9 is equipped with CubeBackup API, hook integration, many new features and significant improvements. Upgrade to the latest version and experience the new features first hand.

How to backup Google Workspace data to S3-compatible cloud storage.

Introduction As an online office and collaboration platform for business and educational organizations, Google Workspace provides Gmail, Google Drive, Shared drives, Contacts, Calendar, Sites, User, and domain management for millions of organizations all over the world.   When a company or a school works on the Google Workspace platform, all business data is stored on Google […]

How to use Google SMTP service to send emails for free?

Introduction When building your website or application, sometimes you may need to send emails through an SMTP server. Instead of setting up your own mail server, it is usually better to employ a well-known mail service, such as Google’s Gmail or Microsoft’s, which are more reliable and less hassle overall.  Benefits First of all, […]

Release of CubeBackup version 4.7

We are proud to announce that CubeBackup version 4.7 has been released! Upgrade for free to experience CubeBackup’s new features: Multiple Cloud Storage options CubeBackup has upgraded to offer more options when backing up to private cloud storage. In addition to AWS S3 storage supported in previous versions, CubeBackup v4.7 now supports backing up to […]

Release of CubeBackup version 4.5

We are happy to announce that CubeBackup version 4.5 has just been released. New Features: 1. Multiple login with different roles The user management system has been redesigned. In previous versions of CubeBackup, only the administrator could login to the CubeBackup web dashboard. But now in version 4.5, multiple users can access the dashboard in […]

Release of CubeBackup version 4.3

We are pleased to announce that version 4.3 of CubeBackup has been released. Among the new features available is the long-requested ability to export backup data locally! G Suite Data export Previous to version 4.3, G Suite backup data could only be restored to a user’s Google account. There was no way to download readable […]

How to avoid data loss in your G Suite when employees leave your organization?

If you are an IT administrator of an organization who works on Google G Suite platform,  you may worry about the possible data loss when an employee leaves your organization.  Because almost all of the employee’s business data, including Google Drive files, Gmail messages, Contacts, and Calendar data, are connected with the employee’s G Suite […]

CubeBackup Referral Program is now online

Over the last few years, we have received many requests from our G Suite partners/resellers for information on how to resell CubeBackup to their clients. Today, we are pleased to announce our CubeBackup Referral Program to help resellers introduce CubeBackup to their clients more easily. Joining our referral program is simple: Just visit  and […]

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