Release of CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 version 1.1

We are excited to announce the release of CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 V1.1. After an intensive six-month period of development and thorough testing, CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 brings significant improvements, introduces several new features, and addresses existing issues.

1. New feature: Docker version support

The CubeBackup official Docker image is now available on Docker Hub with the image name “cubebackup/cube365“. This new release offers administrators greater flexibility in deploying CubeBackup instances using the containerized image.

The following articles may also provide insight on how to deploy CubeBackup in a Docker container:

2. New feature: Two-factor authentication

Users can now enable two-factor authentication for the CubeBackup console login. If enabled, an authentication code will be sent to the administrator’s mailbox and will be required in the login process. This will improve the CubeBackup account security by providing an additional level of protection.

See How to enable Two-factor authentication (2FA) for the CubeBackup console login. for detailed instructions on enabling 2FA in CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 V1.1.

3. New feature: Multiple admin accounts

The user management system has been redesigned. In the latest version 1.1, multiple users can access the dashboard in a variety of roles, including system admin, organization admin, organization operators, and even individual users. This gives much greater flexibility, especially for large organizations, and is very helpful for administrators and Managed Service providers to manage multiple organizations in CubeBackup.

4. New feature: Microsoft OAuth login

Individual employees can now use their Microsoft school or work account to access the CubeBackup web console. This allows them to view and restore their own data, without involving an administrator every time they have lost a file or message. This should ease the burden of busy backup administrators.

To enable Microsoft OAuth login for all individual users in your Microsoft 365, please follow the instructions here: How can end users recover their own Microsoft 365 data through Microsoft OAuth Login?

5. New feature: Audit log for web console operations

CubeBackup administrators can now track and review all activities performed within the CubeBackup web console. By capturing and logging user actions, it ensures a higher level of security and compliance for your backup data. Stay informed and in control with the comprehensive audit log feature of CubeBackup.

6. New feature: Customized target folder for restoration.

Specifying the target location for Mail, OneDrive, SharePoint, People restore tasks can now provide admin with greater control and flexibility over the restored data. This allows you to choose or create the exact destination folder without the hassle of manual data movement after restoration. 

7. Performance improvements and Bug fixes.

Thanks to the valuable feedback and suggestions of our valued partners and customers, CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 V1.1 now offers enhanced stability and improved performance, ensuring a more seamless experience.

Upgrade to CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 V1.1 now

Enjoy a seamless backup and restore workflow with the latest version!

For new users, to install CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 V1.1

  • on Linux, please run this command:

      curl -s | sudo bash

For subscribed users, you can perform an upgrade through the upgrade notification in the web console:

  • After logging in to the CubeBackup console, an upgrade notification will automatically pop up. Simply follow the prompt to upgrade to the latest version and experience the new features first hand.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We are always happy to help as much as we can.

Release of CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 version 1.1

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