Author : Carol Chu

Release of CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 version 1.1

We are excited to announce the release of CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 V1.1. After an intensive six-month period of development and thorough testing, CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 brings significant improvements, introduces several new features, and addresses existing issues. 1. New feature: Docker version support The CubeBackup official Docker image is now available on Docker Hub […]

Release of CubeBackup for Google Workspace version 4.9

CubeBackup for Google Workspace V4.9 is equipped with CubeBackup API, hook integration, many new features and significant improvements. Upgrade to the latest version and experience the new features first hand.

Release of CubeBackup version 4.7

We are proud to announce that CubeBackup version 4.7 has been released! Upgrade for free to experience CubeBackup’s new features: Multiple Cloud Storage options CubeBackup has upgraded to offer more options when backing up to private cloud storage. In addition to AWS S3 storage supported in previous versions, CubeBackup v4.7 now supports backing up to […]

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