Release of CubeBackup for Google Workspace version 4.9

We are happy to report that CubeBackup for Google Workspace version 4.9.0 is now available. This new version is equipped with CubeBackup API, hook integration, many new features and significant improvements:

1. New feature: First release of CubeBackup API

Starting with version 4.9, CubeBackup provides an API for administrators to integrate the backup service with their own systems. This powerful and flexible API can be used to set up a new CubeBackup instance, access and monitor backup status, automate backup management and license assignment, as well as many other routine tasks. Detailed instructions can be found in CubeBackup API reference.

The following articles may also provide insight on how to integrate CubeBackup with other systems and combine multiple requests to handle individual use cases:

2. New feature: Support hook integration for CubeBackup

In this new version, CubeBackup provides hooks for administrators to set up real-time backup status updates, track restore and export events, and execute customized hook scripts automatically. 

Configure your own CubeBackup hooks following the detailed instructions in CubeBackup hook Reference. We have provided three sample hook scripts for admins to handle the following use cases:

3. New feature: New customer portal to upgrade subscriptions

During each subscription period, you can easily manage your subscription using the CubeBackup customer portal. It allows you to adjust your subscription, update the contact and payment information, and view the past and future invoices.

More information can be found here: How to adjust the subscription when new Google Workspace users are added and old employees leave.

4. New feature: Support IP whitelist for the web console and API

Implementing an IP whitelist for the CubeBackup web console provides another layer of protection for all communications with your backup server. This is useful to restrict access from unknown sources or unauthorized machines in your office network.

See How to configure an IP whitelist for the CubeBackup web console to configure your IP whitelist in CubeBackup for Google Workspace V4.9

5. New feature: Support Amazon S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval storage class

Amazon S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval is a new archive storage class that delivers the cost-effective storage for long-lived data that is rarely accessed and requires retrieval in milliseconds. You can configure or update the default storage class of your backups in Amazon S3 directly in the CubeBackup web console.

6. New feature: Support Amazon S3 KMS key encryption

AWS Key Management Services can encrypt your S3 data on the AWS server side, which adds an additional layer of security and protection for your data. CubeBackup for Google Workspace V4.9 now can interact with AWS to allow you to request server-side encryption for your backups uploaded to the target S3 bucket.

You can configure the KMS key for your backup repository on Amazon S3 by following the step-by-step instructions here: How can I enable the AWS KMS key for my Amazon S3 bucket in CubeBackup?

7. Improvement: Upgrade to Google Identity Services SDK for OAuth login

CubeBackup has been upgraded to employ the latest Google Identity Services for OAuth login users. Using the new Sign In With Google client library, CubeBackup can provide a more stable and reliable login service for all individual users. No further action is required for CubeBackup admins.

8. Improvement: Encrypt service account key and configuration files

For privacy and security reasons, CubeBackup for Google Workspace V4.9 will now encrypt your service account key file, storage settings, and other configuration files, so that potentially vulnerable information is no longer available to intruders or anyone with physical access to your backup server.

For installations upgraded through the console, or versions prior to 4.9, you will need to run a command to encrypt them following the step-by-step instructions: How to encrypt the service account and configuration files of my CubeBackup instance.

9. Improvement: Support canceling an ongoing restore task

Perhaps the administrator wishes to stop an extremely long restore process, or just wrongly initiates a restore or export task, CubeBackup v4.7 now facilitates restore task management by offering an option to cancel an ongoing task directly in the CubeBackup web console.

10. Improvement: Support updating storage credentials in the web console

As a security best practice, you may wish to regularly rotate the access keys for your cloud storage or update the username and password to access the Windows network storage. CubeBackup for Google Workspace V4.9 now supports updating the storage access credentials of your CubeBackup repository easily in the CubeBackup web console.

Follow the step-by-step instructions here to modify your storage configuration: How to update my storage access credentials in CubeBackup.

More …

The new version also includes bug fixes and performance improvements. See CubeBackup for Google Workspace changelog for more information.

Experience the new features now!

For new users, to install CubeBackup V4.9

  • on Linux, please run this command:

      curl -s | sudo bash

For subscribed users, you can perform an upgrade through the upgrade notification in the web console:

  • After logging in to the CubeBackup console, an upgrade notification will automatically pop up. Simply follow the prompt to upgrade to the latest version and experience the new features first hand.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We are always happy to help as much as we can.

Release of CubeBackup for Google Workspace version 4.9

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