Release of CubeBackup version 4.7

We are proud to announce that CubeBackup version 4.7 has been released!

Upgrade for free to experience CubeBackup’s new features:

  1. Multiple Cloud Storage options

CubeBackup has upgraded to offer more options when backing up to private cloud storage. In addition to AWS S3 storage supported in previous versions, CubeBackup v4.7 now supports backing up to Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud, Wasabi and Backblaze B2. Users can also specify the storage class of backup data based on their own requirements. This should allow for much more flexibility in storage location and more affordable storage types.

  1. Two-factor authentication

Users can now enable two-factor authentication for the CubeBackup console login. If enabled, an authentication code will be sent to the administrator’s mailbox and will be required in the login process. This will improve the CubeBackup account security by providing an additional level of protection.

  1. File exclusion rules

Data size can easily balloon with large unnecessary files consuming extra storage space.  CubeBackup v4.7 now supports filtering out unnecessary files from the backup based on customized rules. With file exclusion rules, users can prevent certain files from ever being backed up, and even remove unnecessary files from the existing backup storage.

  1. Removing a specific user or shared drive

Perhaps a user has left the organization, or the administrator wishes to free up space by removing a shared drive that is no longer needed. CubeBackup v4.7 now facilitates backup management by helping remove specific users or shared drives from the backup set.

  1. SMTP port 465

Port 465 is now fully supported in CubeBackup v4.7. When sending CubeBackup email reports via a custom SMTP server, users can use port 25, port 465 or port 587 according to their own configuration.

  1. More restoration options

In previous versions, CubeBackup used the date and time of restoration as a default folder/label to distinguish restored data. Now with CubeBackup v4.7, users can directly specify a target folder/label to restore to.

CubeBackup also now offers an option to restore files with original share permissions. With customized folders/labels and restorable share permissions, administrators have much more flexibility in managing restored data.

  1. More security improvements

CubeBackup is very concerned about data privacy and security. In addition to two-factor authentication, CubeBackup v4.7 now also offers the option to restrict restoration services to the original owner only and permits disabling TLS1.0 and TLS1.1 protocols for the CubeBackup console.

  1. More user-friendly interface

CubeBackup v4.7 has made several improvements to our web console.

  • In previous versions, CubeBackup allowed tracking user operations and other history in the console. Now in CubeBackup v4.7, users can also export log entries as CSV files if needed.
  • Users can now download a diagnosis tool to track errors, in case of any problems with CubeBackup. As always, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.
  • CubeBackup 4.7 now supports resuming downloads for large export files, in case the process was interrupted.

Try It Now! 

We strongly recommend that all users upgrade to the latest version and check out the new features.

If there are any questions or suggestions, we are always ready to help at [email protected]. Feedback from our valued users helps us make CubeBackup better!

Release of CubeBackup version 4.7

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