Release of CubeBackup version 4.3

We are pleased to announce that version 4.3 of CubeBackup has been released. Among the new features available is the long-requested ability to export backup data locally!

G Suite Data export

Previous to version 4.3, G Suite backup data could only be restored to a user’s Google account. There was no way to download readable files locally because CubeBackup employs a proprietary data format to encrypt and store backup data, metadata, and version history. This was a problem for some users and organizations who are required, for legal reasons, to keep a readable local archive of Google cloud data. But starting in version 4.3, CubeBackup administrators will be able to decrypt and download any file in the backup and open it locally.

Tip: Due to privacy concerns, this “data export” feature is disabled by default. To enable this feature in version 4.3, please follow this guide to change the setting in the configuration file.

Format of exported data

  • Gmail messages are exported using the MBOX format. This format can be opened by Apple Mail and other mail clients, such as Thunderbird.  If you want to open exported messages in Microsoft Outlook on Windows, please refer to How to open an mbox file in Outlook.
  • Google Drive/Shared Drives files/folders are exported as original files, with folder structure intact. Native Google Docs files, like Google Documents or Spreadsheets, are exported as MS Office files.
  • Google Calendar events are exported as iCalendar (.ics) files, which can be opened by most calendar apps.
  • Google Contacts data is exported as .vcf files, which can be opened by Microsoft Outlook, Apple Contacts, etc.
  • Google Sites files are exported as HTML, IMG, CSS files.

All exported data will be contained in a compressed ZIP file for you to download.


Other improvements in version ​4.3 include enhanced search function, more accurate statistical data, as well as various bug fixes.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the new version, please ​contact us!​

Release of CubeBackup version 4.3

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