Release of CubeBackup for Google Workspace version 4.11

Welcome CubeBackup V4.11! This new release marks a significant advancement in our Google Workspace backup solutions, featuring global advanced search capabilities, an enhanced backup snapshot layout, improved security measures for web console logins, and many more substantial improvements:

1. New Feature: Global Search for Gmail and Google Drive Backups

Navigate your backup data with ease using our new global search functionality. This feature allows admins to quickly find specific emails or files across backups for an entire domain with advanced search capabilities.

Find the new global search option on the RESTORE > Search tasks section and experience the new feature.

2. New Feature: Authenticator Support for 2FA

Enhance the security of your CubeBackup admin logins with support for Authenticator-based two-factor authentication.

The new version also simplifies the login process for administrators by allowing them to use their Google accounts. This integration not only streamlines access but also leverages Google’s own security features to protect your backup environment.

See How to enable Two-factor authentication (2FA) for the CubeBackup console login for detailed instructions.

3. New Feature: Support for Cold Storage Tier in Azure Blob Storage

Optimize your storage costs by utilizing Azure Blob Storage’s Cold storage tier for less frequently accessed backup data. This feature is perfect for long-term data retention strategies, balancing cost and accessibility.

For existing backups, update your storage configuration on the OVERVIEW page > Storage status section.

4. New Feature: Perform a Full Synchronization using commands

Ensure a complete and accurate backup with the ‘cbackup fullSync’ command. This powerful tool forces a thorough synchronization with Google Workspace, ideal for correcting any discrepancies in your backups after the service or server was corrupted.

For users upgraded from versions prior to 4.9, the full synchronization also switch the Google Drive backup snapshots to a new version, updating the folder structure to display ‘My Drive’, ‘Shared with me’, and ‘Computers’ as separate entries. Detailed instructions can be found here: Command Line Manual: cbackup fullSync.

5. New Feature: Facilitate restore of individual messages from Gmail conversations

Increase the granularity of your data recovery with the ability to restore individual messages from Gmail conversations. 

6. New Feature: Add new configurable options for login sessions. 

Customize your security settings with configurable options for login sessions, such as Web.IdleLogout and IP-based 2FA skipping. These settings help balance security with user convenience, adapting to different organizational security needs.

See more information here: How to configure the automatic logout time for the CubeBackup web console.

7. Improvement: Folder Exclusion Options in Google Drive

Excluding non-essential folders from your Google Drive backups allows for more efficient storage management and quicker backups by focusing only on critical data. See more information here: How to set folder exclusion rules.

8. Improvement: Advanced Search Capabilities

Delve deeper into your backups with advanced search capabilities that extend beyond basic criteria. Search within message contents and metadata in Gmail and Google Drive, enabling precise and comprehensive data retrieval.

9. Improvement: Sync Google Groups Structure

Automatically synchronize the structure of Google Groups to reflect shared drive permissions and enhance global search capabilities. This will enable CubeBackup to back up shared drives with group members seamlessly.

For versions upgraded from V4.9, please follow the step-by-step instructions to manually add the Google Groups permission to your CubeBackup instance: How to enable Google Groups synchronization for CubeBackup

10. Improvement: Upgrade Google Drive backup snapshots for a more organized folder structure

Enjoy a clearer and more structured view of your Google Drive backups with upgraded snapshots. These improvements provide a more concise folder hierarchy, detailed file information, and enhanced visibility into shared, excluded, and unsupported files.

For users upgraded from versions prior to 4.9, please run the cbackup fullSync command to manually upgrade your Google Drive snapshots.

11. Improvement: Updated Azure Blob Storage SDK

Benefit from the latest features and improvements in reliability and security with an updated Azure Blob Storage SDK. This update ensures that your backups benefit from the most current cloud storage innovations.

More …

The new version also includes performance improvements and bug fixes. See CubeBackup for Google Workspace changelog for more information.

Experience the new features now!

These enhancements make CubeBackup V4.11 a more comprehensive solution for managing backups in Google Workspace, with a focus on security, efficiency, and user-friendly features. We encourage you to review the change log and upgrade at your earliest convenience to take advantage of these new enhancements. 

To install CubeBackup V4.11 on a new instance:

  • on Linux, run this command:

      curl -s | sudo bash

For subscribed users, you can easily perform an upgrade through the upgrade notification in the web console:

  • After logging in to the CubeBackup console, an upgrade notification will automatically pop up. Simply follow the prompt to upgrade to the latest version and experience the new features first hand.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We are always happy to help as much as we can.

Release of CubeBackup for Google Workspace version 4.11

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