Release of CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 version 1.1

We are excited to announce the release of CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 V1.1. After an intensive six-month period of development and thorough testing, CubeBackup for Microsoft 365 brings significant improvements, introduces several new features, and addresses existing issues. 1. New feature: Docker version support The CubeBackup official Docker image is now available on Docker Hub […]

Comparison between cloud backups and on-premise backups

There are several options for Google Apps backup: Spanning and Backupify can backup Google Apps data to another cloud, while CubeBackup can backup your Google Apps data to a local storage inside your company. When you are looking for a backup solution for your Google Apps domain, you might not sure which backup solution is more […]

Automatic backup plan for Linux servers using rsync and crontab

Linux servers are widely used by lots of companies for hosting their websites, databases, or other services.  I personally likes Linux system much more than Windows Server, not only because Linux is free, but you get better performance and more powerful tools on Linux.  To set up a Linux server, sometime you don’t actually need […]

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