How to update my storage access credentials in CubeBackup for Google Workspace.

As a security best practice, you may wish to regularly rotate the access keys for your cloud storage or update the username and password to access the Windows network storage. The storage access credentials of your CubeBackup repository can be easily updated in the CubeBackup web console.

Update storage information in CubeBackup

  1. On the OVERVIEW page of the CubeBackup web console, find the Storage status section at the bottom right, and click the gear icon to open the update wizard. Press the Edit storage configuration button.

  2. As a safety precaution, an authentication code will be emailed to you. Please type in the code to continue.

  3. Your original storage access credentials will be displayed in the properties list. You may edit the corresponding fields, and click Save when you are done. CubeBackup will run a storage writing test to confirm that the new credentials are valid.

  4. Return to Dashboard. Now you can initiate a backup to confirm that your CubeBackup instance is functioning properly using the new credentials.