Why a backup solution for Google Apps is necessary?

It is said that Google’s service is so secure that massive data loss has never happened on Google’s cloud platform. Why do we still need a backup service?

The answer is that most data loss is due to user errors! Here are a few common scenarios:

  1. Employees might accidentally delete an important document or email without even noticing. This is an easy-to-make mistake, especially on mobile devices, where an unintentional gesture is sometimes all it takes.
  2. Disgruntled employees may be able to destroy important documents or data.
  3. Hackers can break into your cloud system and ruin your data.
  4. Google sometimes blocks accounts due to a policy violation. For example, an employee in your marketing department could accidentally send too many emails in a relatively short time and be automatically blocked.
  1. When employees leave the company, data loss can sometimes happen.
  2. Power outages, earthquakes, hurricanes and other disasters can cause data loss or make the internet inaccessible. A local backup is indispensable in such situations.

Though Google’s platform is very stable,  a  backup solution, such as CubeBackup, definitely adds more security to your business data.

Why a backup solution for Google Apps is necessary?

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