Release of CubeBackup Version 3.0

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of CubeBackup 3.0!

We know that many of our clients have been eagerly anticipating this new version for their G Suite backup. CubeBackup 3.0 incorporates many changes and improvements, including:

1. Team Drive Support
Ever since Google launched Team Drive in 2017, it has been an integral part of Google Drive, bringing convenience and flexibility to collaborative projects. Team Drive backups are now well supported in CubeBackup 3.0.

2. Much Faster Backup Speeds
Our new parallel backup algorithm dramatically improves backup speeds. Instead of backing up one user account at a time, CubeBackup 3.0 can handle multiple users simultaneously, fully utilizing your internet connection and resulting in backups that are up to ten times faster.

3. Bandwidth Throttling
Of course, faster backups naturally consume more bandwidth. To ensure that CubeBackup 3.0 doesn’t interfere with your other work, we have included throttling controls to set limits and schedule how much of your internet connection may be used at different times of the day.


4. New Gmail Backup Algorithm
The Gmail backup algorithm has been redesigned for faster backups that take up less space.

5. Better User Management
User management is easier than ever, as new employees can now be automatically added to the backup list.

6. Improved Logging
Error logs now contain more information and more accurate messages.

7. New Google APIs adoption
The latest Google APIs are more stable and more efficient.

8. Bug Fixes

Release of CubeBackup Version 3.0

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