Price for educational organizations

Google Apps Logo NewRecently, we’ve received a lot of emails inquiring about the pricing for Non-Profit/Educational organizations. Since Google Apps is so popular among students and educators, these users are also very important to us at CubeBackup. We are pleased to offer a discount for Non-Profit/Educational organizations:

$99   USD/year      Up to 50 accounts

$499 USD/year      51-500 accounts

$999 USD/year      501-2000 accounts

$1999 USD/year     2001-5000 accounts

$2999 USD/year     more than 5000 accounts

These prices are heavily discounted and only available to non-profit or educational organizations.

Non-profit and education purchases can be made at .

Reseller Program: 

We are also looking for new members for our reseller program. If you are a Google Apps reseller/partner and are interested in introducing CubeBackup to your clients, please contact our sales team for more information.

Price for educational organizations

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