Expected features in CubeBackup version 3.x

We are currently working on the next major update of CubeBackup, Version 3.0. A lot of improvements will be added in the new version.

1. Parallel backup
CubeBackup will allow you to choose how many accounts can be backed up in parallel. This will greatly improve the backup speed for large organizations who have fast Internet connections.

2. Bandwidth throttling
Users can limit the backup speed in office hours, which can prevent CubeBackup consuming too much network bandwidth in the day time.

3. Run as a service
Most users run CubeBackup on server operating systems, like Windows Server 2012. Making CubeBackup running as a service provides users more flexibilities and convenience.

4. Administrator email notification
Daily/weekly backup statistics, error reports, and other notifications will be sent to G Suite Domain administrators via email. Administrators will get the latest information for the backup without checking logs.

5. Team drive support
Team drive is a new feature in Google Drive and is very useful for collaboration. New version of CubeBackup will support team drive backup.

6. Improved log
More information will be added to backup/restore/error logs.

7. Bug fixes
Many bugs will be fixed in the new version.

8. Restoring the whole account
Currently, CubeBackup allows you to restore any files/data for a user when you selected the files and click the “Restore” button. In future versions, Google Apps administrators can restore a whole account with just one click, or even restore all data from one account to another account. This feature might not be available in version 3.0, but should be added to a later release, like version 3.1 or 3.2.

9. Linux version
We got a lot of requests asking for the Linux version. It is still under development and is expected to be released in a few months. The good news is: CubeBackup’s first Linux Version will have all the features as its Windows version.

We are always happy to hear feedbacks from our users, so please feel free to contact us ([email protected]) if you have any questions.

Expected features in CubeBackup version 3.x

9 thoughts on “Expected features in CubeBackup version 3.x

  1. We are really looking forward to these features. This is by far the best solution to backup G-Suite to local storage and even be able to split it on several storage backends.
    I really hope that the Linux version will be out soon, as we could use BTRFS for the storage backend and use deduplication to save tons of storage.

    1. Hi Danilo, future versions of CubeBackup will be run as a service along with a web UI so that it can run on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac. Thanks for your suggestions.

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