About the personal edition of CubeBackup

After the release of CubeBackup, which can backup Google Apps domain data for the whole company,  we will keep working on a personal edition of CubeBackup, which can help you backup your personal Google data with ease.

cubebackup on cloud

As a Google fan, I have been accustomed to stores everything in Google Cloud: I keep and compose documents in Google Drive; I use Gmail as my primary mail service; I store all my contacts and calendar events on Google too.  With the help of Google cloud, I can get in touch with all my information no matter where I am, without the effort of copying my data here and there. However, there is one concern: technically, Google owns and controls almost everything I have. What if someday I lost my connection to my data on cloud?  What if someone hacked into my account and delete all my precious data?  What if I accidentally delete one important email and have no way to get it back?

Google does provide the “Export” functionality to make a copy of all your personal data hosted on Google to your local computer, but for most users, this functionality does not really work as expected.  First, it takes too much time to export the whole data whose size is several Gigabytes(or even much more).  Second, you need to keep on doing this tedious exporting process manually again and again. So, an incremental and automatic backup solution can come to help, for personal users.

From a programmer’s point of view,  backing up personal data with Google APIs is much easier than backing up Google Apps domain data. OAuth2 authentication process is easier and user friendly for personal account, as well as the whole backup process is smoother for personal data.

We hope that the personal version of CubeBackup can be shipped in the next few months, both on Windows and Mac OSX.  And we will keep you posted in this blog.

About the personal edition of CubeBackup

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