How to upgrade from CubeBackup 3.x to CubeBackup 4.

CubeBackup 4 has been completely redesigned from the ground up to add many more powerful features, and is not compatible with previous versions. This means you cannot simply upgrade from CubeBackup3.x to CubeBackup 4 using the integrated update function in CubeBackup.

Before the upgrade

Before upgrading to CubeBackup 4, please note:

  • CubeBackup 4 contains many useful new features, like file and folder revision histories, Amazon S3 support, Linux and Docker versions, and data encryption. Detailed information can be viewed at CubeBackup features.
  • Though we strongly recommend upgrading to CubeBackup 4, the upgrade is not mandatory. CubeBackup 3 is still fully supported.
  • CubeBackup 4 uses a new backup system, which is not backward compatible with earlier versions. This means that a full backup for all users in your Google Workspace domain(s) will need to be performed the first time CubeBackup 4 runs, which, depending on the number of users and the size of the data, may take a while.
  • Pricing for CubeBackup has changed. The new prices can be found at CubeBackup pricing.
    • Stated simply, pricing has become cheaper for small organizations, but may cost more for large organizations.
    • When you upgrade, CubeBackup 4 will be included free in your subscription to CubeBackup 3 until your next billing period.
    • Once your old billing period ends, you will need to cancel your subscription to CubeBackup 3 and re-subscribe to CubeBackup 4 at the new rates.
    • Detailed instructions are available at Subscription pricing for upgrading to CubeBackup 4

Upgrade instructions

If you are using CubeBackup 3 to secure your Google Workspace data and have decided to upgrade to CubeBackup 4, please follow the steps below:

Install CubeBackup latest version

  1. Uninstall CubeBackup 3 from the backup server.
  2. Make sure there is enough storage for future backups that will be created by CubeBackup 4. You can:
    • Archive/compress/move the old backup data to a new storage location.
    • Just delete the old data.
    • Apply for an Amazon S3 bucket for the backup data.
  3. Install CubeBackup 4 on the original backup server or a new server.
  4. Perform the initial configuration for CubeBackup. CubeBackup 4 will begin the new backup automatically.

Change your subscription

  1. Please send an email to [email protected] if you have upgraded to CubeBackup 4. Tell us your account number and contact email and We will send you a temporary license code which will work until the end of your current CubeBackup 3 payment cycle.
  2. Enter the license code in the web console at OVERVIEW -> License information -> Activate license ->License Code to activate CubeBackup 4.
  3. We will cancel your subscription to CubeBackup 3.
  4. Once the current subscription (the temporary license code) has expired, you can place a new subscription to CubeBackup 4 from the pricing page of our website.
  5. Reactivate CubeBackup using the new license code.