Backup locally or to the cloud

CubeBackup is a flexible G Suite backup solution that works the way you want it to. You can backup all your business data for the entire G Suite domain to on-premises storage, or if you prefer, to your private Amazon S3 cloud space. Whenever an employee receives an email, composes a document, creates a new calendar appointment, or modifies a contact, these changes will be automatically reflected in the backup.

Local disk


Amazon S3

Version History

Similar to Apple’s Time Machine, CubeBackup keeps a version history of your G Suite data. Not only can you restore a Google Drive file to its latest backup version, you can return it to its exact state two weeks, or even two months ago. But this isn’t limited to just files. You can turn back the clock on entire projects and folder structures, recovering them exactly as they were at any point in time.

Automatic and incremental backups

Hourly backups run automatically in the background to keep your data safe. Incremental backup algorithms ensure that only new or modified data is backed up each time, saving both disk space and bandwidth.

Data encryption for backups

CubeBackup allows you to encrypt your backup data, which provides another layer of security to protect against intrusions, hackers, or even disgruntled employees who may have physical access to the backups.

Network throttling

CubeBackup includes throttling controls to prevent the backup service from consuming too much bandwidth during office hours. Work days and work hours can be defined and throttled separately, giving your organization the network flexibility it needs.

Automatically backup new users

Most G Suite backup solutions require an administrator to add and configure new users manually, and to purchase additional licenses before these users can be included in the backup. This places a burden on already overworked G Suite administrators. CubeBackup can be set to detect and automatically add new users without requiring any payment or authorization. The number of licenses can be adjusted before the next payment cycle.

Additional Features

Protect G Suite data for all users

Gmail, Google Drive, Shared Drives, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Google Sites are all protected.

Restoring is a breeze

Restored data will be clearly labeled and never overwrite the corresponding cloud entry. Data can also be restored to another account.

Web-based remote management

CubeBackup’s web console enables the backup service to be managed remotely.

Administrator email reports

G Suite administrators can elect to receive monthly, weekly, or even daily email reports.

Support for Multiple G Suite domains

CubeBackup supports the individual management and configuration of multiple primary domains, and is capable of automatically detecting users in all secondary and alias domains.

Built-in search

Integrated search makes it easy to find the right user, then restore specific emails, documents, contacts, and calendar events.

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