How to solve the "i/o timeout" error during the initial setup of CubeBackup?

io timeout error

If you encounter an HTTP connection timeout error during the initial configuration of CubeBackup (like the message above), this means your server failed to connect to the Google OAuth service. The most likely cause of this error is that your backup server is behind a proxy server, and the proxy settings have not been added to the CubeBackup configuration file.

Proxy settings

To allow CubeBackup to communicate with Google services via a proxy server, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Open the configuration file config.toml, and add HttpProxy=“http://<proxy-server-ip>:port” as the first line.

For example, the config.toml should look like this:


NOTE: On Windows, the config.toml file is located in the “c:\Program Files\CubeBackup4\bin\” directory. On Linux, the config.toml file is located in the “/opt/cubebackup/bin/” directory.

Step 2. Restart the CubeBackup Service

  • On Linux:

sudo /opt/cubebackup/bin/cbsrv restart

  • On Windows:

Enter services.msc in the command line, and in the Services list that pops up, right click the CubeBackup Service entry, then select Restart.

  • On Docker:

sudo docker restart

If the connection problem persists after the above operations, you can:

  • Contact your proxy server administrator to make sure Google services are not blocked by your proxy. Detailed instructions can be found at
  • Or contact to ask for assistance.