Why isn't CubeBackup listed on the Google Workspace Marketplace?

Only web apps on Google Workspace Marketplace

The Google Workspace Marketplace is a great place to find useful tools to facilitate your Google Workspace management and extend Google Workspace functionalities. App installation is easy and straightforward. However, only web apps can be added to Google Workspace Marketplace. Desktop apps, or any apps requiring local storage access, cannot be listed on the Google Workspace marketplace or be installed via a web browser. This is due to the technical limitations of web browsers.

Control over Google Service account

So, unlike other web-based Google Workspace Apps which can be installed automatically with only a few clicks, CubeBackup requires users to manually create a Google Service account and authorize that account for Google APIs to access the whole domain. This initial configuration may be a little more complicated, but it also gives greater control over the Service account by allowing you to see API overviews and set quotas for different APIs.

More detailed instructions about the initial configuration are available at CubeBackup Initial Configuration.