Installing CubeBackup on Google Cloud Platform.

cubebackup on GCP As a G Suite backup tool, CubeBackup is available on Google Cloud Platform(GCP). You can run CubeBackup on a Google Compute Engine VM and backup G Suite data to a Google Cloud Storage bucket.

Launch the CubeBackup image on GCP

  1. A CubeBackup image is available on Google Cloud Platform, you can visit CubeBackup page in Google Cloud Marketplace, and click the LAUNCH ON COMPUTE ENGINE button. lauch CubeBackup on GCP

  2. If you are not in any GCP project, a Select or create a project window may open. Enter a project name and organization, then click Create.

  3. In the New CubeBackup deployment page, select the Zone, Machine type and Disk size for your virtual machine, as well as other fields. The default values should work in most cases. Finally, click the Deploy button.

    • The memory of the machine should be no less than 3.75GB.
    • The size of the boot disk should be no less than 10GB.
    • HTTP and HTTPS traffic must be allowed on firewall. GCP VM deployment
  4. Once the CubeBackup image has been deployed and the new virtual machine starts running, CubeBackup will be installed and automatically started. To reach the CubeBackup configuration page, click the Visit the site button. To SSH into the virtual machine, click the SSH button. vm started

  5. Go through the configuration for CubeBackup by following the configuration guide. cubebackup configuration

Tip: To check the status of CubeBackup, you can SSH into the virtual machine and run:

 sudo /opt/cubebackup/bin/cbsrv status

Additional information

If you want to learn more about CubeBackup, please visit for more information.

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