How to hide the subject of the Gmail messages in the CubeBackup web console?

Gmail subject is viewable by default

By default, the subject of the backed up Gmail messages can be seen by the administrator of CubeBackup, which makes it easier for the administrator to find out the right messages to restore.

However, for security and privacy reason, you may need to hide the subject of the backed up Gmail messages in CubeBackup web dashboard. CubeBackup allows you to turn off the visibility of the Gmail subject with a configuration setting.

Note: Different organizations may have different privacy policies, so set this option according to your organization’s policy.

When the subject was hidden, the subject field of Gmail messages will be shown as the receiver’s email address in CubeBackup web console. hide email subject

Hide the subject of Gmail messages

  • Log(or SSH) into the backup server.

  • Open the configuration file config.toml using a text editor.

Note: On Linux, the configuration file is “/opt/cubebackup/bin/config.toml”
On Windows, the configuration file is “c:\Program Files\CubeBackup4\bin\config.toml”

  • Find the [Web] section and change the value of HideEmailSubject to true. If your config.toml file doesn’t contain the HideEmailSubject entry, you will need to create one.

    HideEmailSubject = true

The [Web] section should look like this after the modification:

Bind = “:80”
HideEmailBody = true
HideEmailSubject = true
  • Restart the CubeBackup service.

On Linux:

sudo /opt/cubebackup/bin/cbsrv restart

On Windows:

Enter services.msc in the command line, in the Services list that pops up, right-click the CubeBackup Service entry, then select Restart.

On Docker:

sudo docker restart <container-name>

Show the subject of Gmail messages

It is also simple to show the subject of backed up Gmail messages:

  • Change the value of HideEmailSuject to false in config.toml configuration file.
  • Restart the CubeBackup service.