What are the system requirements for CubeBackup?

Hardware requirements


No less than 6GB. 8GB is recommended.


3 types backup storage are supported:

  • Local hard disk
  • NAS, SAN, or other network storage media
  • Amazon S3 cloud storage

The amount of storage required depends, of course, on how much data needs to be backed up, but here are a few general guidelines that we can offer:

  • CubeBackup stores a complete version history of all files and folders. On average, this will make backup sizes about 40% larger, across all files.

  • Since new data is being continually generated on your G Suite domain, be sure to leave lots of room for growth. Generally, backup storage space should be double the size of your current G Suite data.

  • If you are using Amazon S3 as the backup storage, there is no need to worry about size limitations.

Internet connection:

The bandwidth of your Internet connection is recommended to be at least 50Mbps.

Software requirements

CubeBackup is a 64 bit application, so it requires a 64 bit OS. Both Windows and Linux are supported.


Both Windows Server and Windows Desktop are supported:

  • Windows Server 2008 64bit, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
  • Windows 7 64bit, Windows 8 64bit, Window 10 64 bit.


The following Linux distributions are supported:

  • CentOS(RHEL) 6 (x86_64) and above
  • Ubuntu 14 (x86_64) and above
  • Debian 7 (x86_64) and above
  • openSUSE 12 (x86_64) and above


CubeBackup’s docker image is based on CentOS 7 and can be only run on Linux distributions.

  • Docker version 1.10 or later