I can't login to the CubeBackup web console. It keeps asking me to input the "Admin email" and "password".

A few CubeBackup users have found themselves suddenly locked out of the web console so they can't login even with the correct email and password.

Possible causes

There are 2 possible reasons for this issue:

  1. Your backup storage is full. If you backup Google Workspace data to a local disk or a NAS, the login will fail if the storage is completely full. Please check your backup storage to see if there is any space remaining.

  2. Cannot connect to the backup storage. If CubeBackup cannot connect to the configured NAS or cloud storage, the login will fail.
    Please note that in a DHCP network, your storage device might be assigned a dynamic IP when it reboots. If the IP address of the storage device has changed, CubeBackup will not be able to connect to the target backup storage and will not let you login.


If the backup storage is full:

You need to migrate your Google Workspace backups to a larger storage. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this at How to migrate Google Workspace backup data to another storage location.

If the IP address or network path has changed:

CubeBackup will need to be reconfigured to point to the new storage. Since the web console is no longer available, you will need to manually modify the storage configuration file <installation directory>/db/storage.json on your backup server. Please follow the instructions below to setup CubeBackup properly again:

If your storage.json has already been automatically encrypted and cannot be changed directly, please create a new one according to your storage type to replace the original. You can find detailed samples of the storage.json file at Configuration Guide: storage.json.

  1. Open the file "<CubeBackup installation folder>\db\storage.json" with a text editor. Update the WinsLocation value to the new IP address.

  2. Restart the CubeBackup service:
    Open a Command Prompt or Windows Powershell as Administrator and run the following command:

    "C:\Program Files\CubeBackup4\bin\cbsrv.exe" restart # in Command Prompt 
    & "C:\Program Files\CubeBackup4\bin\cbsrv.exe" restart # in Windows Powershell 

  1. Unmount the old storage path from the directory. For example:

    sudo umount /mnt/gs_backup/
  2. Mount the network storage which has a new IP address to the same directory. For example:

    sudo mount -t cifs -o username=someone  //  /mnt/gs_backup/

    Note: The command to mount a network storage may vary greatly depending on the type of network storage and the protocol used.

  3. Restart the CubeBackup service

    sudo /opt/cubebackup/bin/cbsrv restart