How can I backup/restore suspended or archived Google Workspace user accounts?

Backed up accounts are safe

If you suspend or archive a user in the Google Workspace Admin Console which has been actively backed up by CubeBackup, all backup data is safe and will always be accessible when needed.


However, if that user account has not been actively backed up by CubeBackup, you will need to "reactivate" the suspended or archived user in the Google Admin Console before their data can be backed up, because Google blocks all access to suspended accounts (including Google API access) and partial access to archived accounts.

Once the backup for that account has been completed, you can safely suspend or archive the account again, or even remove it from your Google Workspace domain entirely, without worrying about any data loss.

Backed up data can always be recovered

As long as the Google Workspace account has been backed up, you can always restore or export the corresponding data, even if the account has been suspended, archived or deleted. See more information on restoring data to a different Google Workspace account and exporting Google Workspace data.