A self-hosted
G Suite backup solution

CubeBackup is an on-premises Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) backup solution which can secure your company data across the entire G Suite domain, including Google Drive, Shared Drives, Gmail, Contacts, Calendar and Sites, by backing up all data with version history to local storage or Amazon S3 private cloud storage.

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Backup G Suite data locally or to the cloud

CubeBackup allows you to backup Google Drive, Shared Drives, Contacts, Calendar and Sites data to on-premises storage, such as a local disk, NAS, SAN, file server, or your own data center. If you prefer, data can also be stored in your company’s own private Amazon S3 cloud.


Version history for both files and folders

Unlike Google Drive, which limits file version history to only 30 days, CubeBackup can restore Google Drive and Shared Drive files to any previous version. In fact, CubeBackup can restore entire projects, with complete file and folder structure, to any previous state.


Take control of your business data

Don’t leave your data in someone else’s hands. Unlike most other G Suite cloud backup providers who physically control your data, CubeBackup allows you to manage your own backups using local storage or your own private Amazon S3 bucket.


Available on Linux, Windows and Docker

CubeBackup can run on Linux, Windows and even in a docker container. The administrator can manage the backup service from a remote machine using the web console.


GDPR compliance

Privacy and security are very important to us. CubeBackup is committed to be GDPR compatible. We do not collect any information from you, beyond basic licensing data. All network communication is strictly between your local or private cloud storage and Google’s services, and is fully SSL encrypted.

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