Table of contents > Restore Google Calendar events

Restoring Google calendars from a backup can be easily accomplished by first clicking “Operation” in the main menu, then “Restore”, and then selecting the user account in the left panel.
Tip: You can search the user list by typing in the search box at the top of the panel.

First, use the provided calendar to select the date that the backup was made (backup dates will be marked in bold). If there are calendar backups for that date, they will be displayed directly below the provided calendar. Then select the appropriate calendar backup, and choose the events you wish to restore from the list on the right. All restored events will be placed in the “CubeBackupRestore” calendar.

Note: Each backup only stores events from the date of the backup. It does not store past events. So if you want to recover an event on a specific day, the backup you select should be from on or before that date.