How to update my Google Admin account in CubeBackup.

CubeBackup relies on the correct Google Workspace domain administrator account for domain-wide OAuth authentication. If the administrator of your Google Workspace domain has been renamed or had their admin privileges revoked, all Google API requests will fail and CubeBackup will no longer work until it has been updated with new Google Workspace domain administrator information.

Replace the domain adminstrator account

  1. Log in to or SSH to your CubeBackup server.

  2. Run the cbackup setDomainAdminEmail command in the <installation directory>\bin folder.

    NOTE: This operation requires special privileges.
    For Windows users, open a Windows Command Prompt or Powershell as Administrator.

    "C:\ProgramFiles\CubeBackup4\bin\cbackup.exe" setDomainAdminEmail  <domain_name> <new_admin_email>

    For Linux or Docker users, please run this command as the root user.

    sudo /opt/cubebackup/bin/cbackup setDomainAdminEmail  <domain_name> <new_admin_email>
  3. The command will respond with "Domain admin email address has been updated" once CubeBackup has successfully changed to the new Google admin email, or return an error if there are any other permission issues.

  4. Return to the CubeBackup dashboard and start a backup process to confirm that your CubeBackup instance is now functioning properly.