Types of account in CubeBackup

For small organizations, one CubeBackup administrator is usually enough. However, for large organizations, or for Google Workspace partners who manage backups for multiple clients, it may be helpful to enable multiple administrator accounts. Additionally, you may wish to allow individual users to view their own backups and restore files or messages themselves.

Types of account

There are 4 types of accounts in CubeBackup:
System Admin: Full control of CubeBackup.
Domain Admin: Administrative powers and permissions for specific domain(s).
Domain Operator: Backup & restore permissions for any Google Workspace users in specific domain(s).
OAuth login user: Backup & restore permissions for own data only.


Operations System administrator Domain administrator Domain operator OAuth login user
View own backup data
Restore own data
View own restore/export history
View backup data for any users in managed domain(s)
Restore data for any users in managed domain(s)
Restore data for one user to another user
View backup/restore/export history of managed domain(s)
View statistical data for managed domain(s)
Google Workspace domain specific settings (e.g. data retention policy, enable/disable backups for users, enable/disable backup of shared drives)
System-wide settings (e.g. backup interval, network throttling, email reports)
Add or delete other administrative accounts
View audit log
Add new Google Workspace domains to CubeBackup
Manually start the backup

Account Recommendations

  • Small organizations who have only one Google Workspace domain: 1 or 2 system administrators are enough. You can also enable Google OAuth login for all users in your domain according to the data policy in your organization.
  • Large organizations: 1 or 2 system administrator accounts, plus a few domain operators. We recommend that Google OAuth login be turned on for all users in your organization.
  • Google Workspace partners: 1 or 2 system administrator accounts. You can assign each Google Workspace domain a domain administrator so that your customers can manage their own backup data. You can also discuss with your clients whether to enable Google OAuth login.