How to store backups for different users (OUs) in different locations.

CubeBackup allows you to backup different users to different locations. For example, student data may be backed up to on-premises storage, while teacher data is stored in Amazon S3. However, this requires more than one CubeBackup instance.

An example

Suppose that there are two Organization Units (OUs) in your Google Workspace domain, OU A and OU B, and you'd like to back up data for users in OU A to an on-premises NAS, while backing up data for users in OU B to Amazon S3. Here's what you do:

  1. Install CubeBackup on Server A.
  2. Go through the initial configuration, selecting the NAS storage as the backup location, and enabling all users in OU A for the backup.
  3. Install CubeBackup on Server B.
  4. The Google Service account created for Server A can be used directly on Server B, so setting up the second instance is much simpler:
    • When setting up the storage location, select Amazon S3 as the storage type, then create an S3 bucket and the corresponding IAM account to access the bucket.
    • When asked for the service account key file, there is no need to create another service account. You can simply reuse the JSON key file that you used on Server A.
    • If you are using the JSON key file from Server A, you can skip the Authorize domain-wide access step, since the service account has already been authorized for your whole Google Workspace domain. Just click Next.
    • In the Select Users step, enable all users in OU B for the backup.

Shared drives data

If Shared drives is enabled for your Google Workspace organization, you can also split backup data for different Shared drives into separate backup servers using the same method mentioned above.

Another option

Another reason to split the backup between storage locations would be if you are running out of space on your backup storage and wish to add another device while still keeping the original backup storage. Of course, you can also migrate the backup to a larger storage without splitting it.