How to disable restoring data to different accounts.

By default, CubeBackup allows administrators and domain operators to restore Google Workspace data to a different account. However, for the sake of security and privacy, some companies may wish to disable this feature entirely. This can be done by modifying a configuration file.

Restore to owner only

  1. Log (or SSH) into your backup server.

  2. Open the configuration file config.toml using a text editor.

    Starting with version 4.7, the configuration file is located at <installation directory>/etc/config.toml for fresh installations of CubeBackup. For installations upgraded through the console, or versions prior to 4.7, the configuration file is still located at <installation directory>/bin/config.toml.
         On Windows, the default installation directory is located at c:\Program Files\CubeBackup4.
         On Linux, the default installation directory is located at /opt/cubebackup.

  3. Find the [Restore] section and change the value of RestoreToOwnerOnly to true. If your config.toml file doesn’t contain a [Restore] section, you will need to create one. After you have finished, the [Restore] section should look like this:

    RestoreToOwnerOnly = true
  4. Restart the CubeBackup service so the changes will take effect.
    On Linux:

    sudo /opt/cubebackup/bin/cbsrv restart

    On Windows:
    Enter services.msc in the command line, then in the Services list that pops up, right-click the CubeBackup Service entry, and select Restart.
    On Docker:

    sudo docker restart <container-name>