How to export or migrate data from a free G Suite legacy domain.

Google has announced that the free G Suite legacy edition will end on July 1, 2022. All G Suite legacy organizations must upgrade to Google Workspace subscriptions, otherwise they will no longer have access to their G Suite data after July 1st.

What should you do before G Suite legacy free is discontinued?

Google recommends all G Suite legacy organizations upgrade to Google Workspace. This is the easiest way to continue to use Google's enterprise services. Fortunately, Google Workspace offers many more useful features than the free legacy version, so if your budget allows, upgrading to the paid Google Workspace service is a strong business decision.

Another option is to switch to a Microsoft 365 plan (Zoho Workspace, Dropbox Business, and other services are also available, but currently, Microsoft 365 is the strongest alternative to Google Workspace).

  • If you are using the free G Suite legacy edition for your family, Microsoft 365 family, which only costs $99.99/year for up to 6 accounts, may be a cost-effective solution. The Microsoft 365 family edition offers 1TB cloud storage for each account, along with free software like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneDrive, Teams, Sharepoint, etc. It is worth much more than $99.99 USD per year!

  • Even for business organizations, Microsoft's business plan is also a decent choice if you prefer to use their office software suite instead of working with web applications.

Currently, CubeBackup only supports Google Workspace domains, but we are working hard on a new edition of CubeBackup which will support Microsoft 365. Expect this new edition to be available later in 2022.

Export data from a G Suite legacy domain

If you do not intend to upgrade your free G Suite legacy plan to a paid Google Workspace subscription, it may be wise to export your G Suite data before July 1, 2022, in case you are locked out of Google's service.

Google has detailed instructions on how to export your organization's data from a G Suite legacy domain. Please note that the exported data is stored on Google Cloud storage as zip files and is only available for 30 days, after which it will be permanently deleted. You must download the zip files to local storage within 30 days!

CubeBackup can also be used to backup & export your data from a G Suite legacy domain. After backing up your G Suite data using CubeBackup, you can export any data for any account at any time. Additionally, CubeBackup has advanced search features to help you to find the exact files/emails you are looking for.

CubeBackup has a free 14-day trial, which you can use to backup your expiring G Suite legacy domain. After the trial ends, the restore and export features in CubeBackup remain valid which will allow you to export or migrate the backup data in CubeBackup at any time in the future.

Migrate data from a G Suite legacy domain

Most customers will probably prefer to migrate their valuable data to a new domain so that it remains active after Google terminates their original G Suite legacy domain.

Google has promised to offer a way to migrate data from G Suite legacy domains to a non-cost option, but they have not yet given any details for this proposed solution, other than to say it will not include premium features.

CubeBackup, on the other hand, will not only backup and recover your data, but also allow you to restore data to accounts in a completely different Google Workspace domain. You can merge data from several G Suite accounts into one account, or transfer data from a G Suite legacy domain to a Google Workspace domain.