How to deploy CubeBackup in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

As a self-hosted backup solution, CubeBackup is available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace. You can easily deploy CubeBackup on an Azure Virtual Machine, and back up your business data to Azure Blob Storage.

Launch a CubeBackup instance on Microsoft Azure Cloud

  1. Azure VM Images of CubeBackup are available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace:

  2. Click the Get It Now button and Continue button to set up your CubeBackup instance.

  3. Click Create in the product detail page. click Create button

  4. In the Create a virtual machine page, view and change the configuration options:

    • Azure uses resource groups to organize a group of cloud resources. Select or create the billing Subscription and Resource group in which you'd like to run your CubeBackup instance. Azure image subscription configuration
    • Under Instance details, enter the Virtual machine name (e.g. my-CubeBackup-instance) and select a Size according to your organizational needs. Standard_B2s should work in most cases. Azure VM instance detail
      Note: CubeBackup requires your VM to have at least 4 GB of memory. For relatively large organizations with more than 100 users, Standard_B2ms is recommended.
    • Under Administrator account, provide a Username and Password. For Linux VMs, please select an existing SSH key pair or generate a new one. Azure administrator account
    • The remaining Disks, Networking, Management, Monitoring, Advanced and Tags sections can be configured according to your company's requirements. It should be find to use the default values in most cases. Finally, select the Review + create button at the bottom of the page to proceed.
    • After validation, select the Create button at the bottom of the page. Linux users may be prompted with a new SSH key. In that case, download and save it for future use. Azure VM validation
  5. After deployment is complete, select Go to resource. Azure resource

  6. Now you've successfully deployed a CubeBackup instance and can view it in your Azure portal. You can click on the Connect button on the detail page of your VM to access it. connect to Azure VM resource

Configure CubeBackup

  1. Once the VM is successfully deployed and running, the CubeBackup service will have automatically started. Find the Public IP address in the VM overview page. Visit http://<your-instance-public-ip> directly in a web browser to open the CubeBackup initial setup wizard.

  2. Go through the initial configuration following the instructions here:

  3. For more configuration options in CubeBackup, please refer to: