How to backup Google Workspace data to Dropbox.


Dropbox is an excellent file synchronization tool, as well as a cloud storage solution. It offers 1TB of cloud space for a Dropbox Plus account, and 2TB for a Dropbox Professional account. If more cloud space is needed, you can also upgrade to Dropbox Business, which offers 3TB to unlimited storage.

Dropbox is designed as a file sync and collaboration tool, not a pure cloud storage solution like Amazon S3. Due to limitations in the Dropbox APIs, CubeBackup can only backup Google Workspace data to on-premises storage, and then let the Dropbox client sync the backup data to the Dropbox cloud.


Here are the steps to backup your business Google Workspace data to Dropbox:

  • Prepare your on-premises storage (local drive/NAS/SAN) for the backup data.
  • Sign up to Dropbox and choose a Dropbox plan.
    For example, the Dropbox Professional plan gives 2TB of space for $199/year. 2TB storage is usually suitable for small or mid-sized businesses. If you need more space, you can apply for the Dropbox Business Advanced plan, which offers unlimited storage at a higher cost.
  • Install the Dropbox client on the machine where your backup files will be located.
  • Install CubeBackup and set the backup location to the Dropbox folder in the initial configuration.
  • CubeBackup will backup Google Workspace data to the Dropbox folder, and Dropbox will automatically sync all the backups to its cloud storage.

Please note: using Dropbox to sync your Google Workspace data will result in two complete copies of the backups - one in your own on-premises storage, and another on Dropbox's servers.