Is it possible to restore Microsoft 365 backup data without a valid license?


Restore feature is always available

Some CubeBackup users may worry that they will not be able to restore their backups if they don't renew their license or if, one day in the far future, CubeBackup Inc. no longer exists or shuts down all services.

Let us be completely clear: the restore feature of CubeBackup is ALWAYS available, whether your license is valid or not, and does not depend on any outside services or servers. As long as you can still access the backup files, you will be able to restore them.

Data export is always available

Just like the restore feature, you can always export data from your backups, whether your license is valid or not.

Please note that for your security and privacy, the data export feature is disabled by default. To enable the data export feature, please follow the instructions in this document.