When a user is deleted from my Microsoft 365 organization, is his or her data still recoverable in CubeBackup?

Yes, the deleted user's Microsoft 365 data is always safe in CubeBackup, and can always be recovered or exported.

CubeBackup does not remove files or accounts from the backup when they are deleted in Microsoft 365. Feel free to remove former employees or suspended accounts from your Microsoft 365 domain. This can add up to significant savings on Microsoft 365 license costs, and this historical data will remain accessible in CubeBackup in several ways:

Restore deleted account to another Microsoft 365 account

You can safely restore (merge) all the Microsoft 365 data for this deleted user to another active user.

For example, if an employee is leaving your company, his Microsoft 365 data can be merged with the employee who is responsible for taking over his job.

Export a user's data

In addition to restoring the selected data, CubeBackup also allows you to export specific files, messages, contacts, or calendar events from the backup. Please note that for privacy reasons, the export feature is disabled by default. To enable data export, see How to enable data export in CubeBackup.