Don’t leave your data in someone else’s hands

With CubeBackup, you’re in control. Keep a self-hosted copy of your Google Workspace data that is protected from Internet connection problems, cloud server crashes, Google Policy mishaps, or other cloud-related problems. Breathe easy knowing a copy of your business data is safe inside your own company’s firewall.

CubeBackup gives your company insurance and flexibility. By storing a on-premises copy of all your data in Google Drive, Shared drives, Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar and Google Sites, you have the power to move away from Google in the future, should the need ever arise.

Google API and SSL

CubeBackup only uses official Google APIs, including Google Drive API, Gmail IMAP extensions, Google Calendar API, and Google Contacts API, so that HTTPS/SSL is automatically employed on all communications between the desktop client and Google’s cloud service. All network transmissions are SSL encrypted so there is no need to worry about data interception.

Web console and SSL

CubeBackup also allows you to secure your CubeBackup web console with SSL. By employing the HTTPS/SSL protocol to access the CubeBackup’s web console, you can ensure that all communication between your computer and the backup server is secure. This is especially useful if you are trying to manage CubeBackup from a remote computer outside of your company.

Data encryption for backups

By default, CubeBackup encrypts your backup data with the AES algorithm, which provides another layer of security to protect against intrusions, hackers, and even disgruntled employees who may have physical access to the backups.

OAuth login

As a Google service client, CubeBackup does not ask for the administrator’s password directly, but employs OAuth for authentication and authorization. OAuth is the recommended authentication standard for most cloud service platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, and is also the only authentication method recommended by Google. OAuth makes it impossible for a third party app to even see user passwords.


Privacy and security are very important to us. We do not collect any information from you, beyond basic licensing information. All network communication is strictly between your local or private cloud storage and Google’s services, and is fully SSL encrypted. This can be confirmed using any network sniffing tool. Administrator email reports can be configured to use your own SMTP server so they are completely private.