Change Logs


build:1556068400, released on 1556069509
  1. Bugfix: Failed to send mail reports when SMTP server does not require any credentials.
  2. Bugfix: Can’t add a subdomains with a hyphen in the domain name.


build:1555061607, released on 1555062053

Bugfix: Errors while backing up duplicate sites.


build:1554370760, released on 1554371650
  1. Bugfix: Wrong user status when google API return 500 error.
  2. Bugfix: Out of memory problem in data migration.


build:1551840051, released on 1551841255
  1. Bugfix: Permission error while backing up some team drives.
  2. Bugfix: Can’t update Apps settings in Safari browser.
  3. Improve stability of S3 storage.
  4. Improved error log if Apps is disabled for certain users.


build:1548815043, released on 1548815438

Parallel performance optimized.


build:1548505654, released on 1548506009

fix: Drive file backups get 404 error while exporting some documents.


build:1548493861, released on 1548494415

First release