Change Log


build:1615187884, released on 1615188232
  1. Bugfix: High CPU usage caused by iothrottler lib.
  2. Bugfix: CertMagic automatic SSL certificate renewal failure.
  3. Bugfix: “No such table” error due to empty SQLite file created by backup process.
  4. Bugfix: Unable to send emails through MS Exchange SMTP server.
  5. Bugfix: “Automatically enable backups for new users” fails to work for users moved between OUs.
  6. Bugfix: The setDomainAdminEmail command fails.


build:1608080980, released on 1608081564
  1. New feature: Multiple admin accounts.
  2. New feature: Google OAuth login.
  3. Improvement: Reduce CPU usage during backup.
  4. Improvement: Manually refresh users & shared drives.
  5. Bug fix: Memory leaks when encountering network errors.
  6. Bug fix: Service fails to start when storage is not mounted.


build:1591580673, released on 1591582020
  1. New feature: Export data locally.
  2. Improvement: Search&filter on history logs.
  3. Improvement: Purge old snapshots more effectively.
  4. Improvement: In statistical data, only drive files with distinct MD5 digests are calculated.
  5. Improvement: Send a notification email to admin when server runs out of disk or RAM
  6. Improvement: Periodically retry failed files.
  7. Bugfix: Can’t backup files larger than 50GB to AWS S3 storage.
  8. Bugfix: Can’t backup Google drawing files larger than 20MB.
  9. Bugfix: CSRF error after setup.
  10. Bugfix: Backup jobs cannot be cancelled occasionally due to queue locking.
  11. Bugfix: Tasks for other domains show up on restore history.


build:1581854401, released on 1581907531
  1. Improvement: Show processing/pending restore tasks in history.
  2. Improvement: Keep original tags of trashed emails.
  3. Bugfix: Failed to request SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt.
  4. Bugfix: Can’t correctly load the configure file edited by Notepad.
  5. Bugfix: Can’t restore Shared drive files to a different domain.
  6. Bugfix: Backup job running more than 24 hours blocks backups in other domains.
  7. Bugfix: Google API returns domainPolicy error


build:1574304284, released on 1574305285
  1. Improvement: Upgraded Team drvie API to Shared drive API.
  2. Improvement: Upgraded AWS SDK to the latest version.
  3. Improvement: Optimized backup logic for trashed files.
  4. Improvement: Record performance profile in cube.log
  5. Bugfix: Backup fails with a broken syncToken.
  6. Bugfix: Trashed files are included while restoring all regular drive files.
  7. Bugfix: Inappriorate error handling when CloneLastSnapshotSqlite() operation failed


build:1567661755, released on 1567662237
  1. Improvement:Recover broken leveldb automatically.
  2. Improvement:Ignore abusive drive files.
  3. Improvement:Add a command option to remove a certain domain.
  4. Bugfix:Can’t restore gmail message with CHAT label.
  5. Bugfix:Calendar.Events.List() returns 404 error.


build:1561513898, released on 1561515322
  1. New feature: Manually start a new backup/cancel the current backup.
  2. New feature: Backup to an Amazon S3 compatible cloud storage, such as Wasabi or Minio.
  3. New feature: Cross-domain restoration (restore a G Suite account to another account in a different domain.)
  4. New feature: A configuration setting has been added which makes the content of backed up Gmail messages visible.
  5. Improvement: Sorting and searching are available in the HISTORY page.
  6. Improvement: Email reports now include new update notifications.
  7. Improvement: Email reports now include statistical data for the currently running backup.
  8. Improvement: Gzip compress enabled for web console.
  9. Improvement: Enhanced security against CSRF attack.
  10. Bugfix: Process hangs if any user has no name.


build:1556068400, released on 1556069509
  1. Bugfix: Failed to send mail reports when SMTP server does not require any credentials.
  2. Bugfix: Can’t add a subdomains with a hyphen in the domain name.


build:1555061607, released on 1555062053

Bugfix: Errors while backing up duplicate sites.


build:1554370760, released on 1554371650
  1. Bugfix: Wrong user status when google API return 500 error.
  2. Bugfix: Out of memory problem in data migration.


build:1551840051, released on 1551841255
  1. Bugfix: Permission error while backing up some team drives.
  2. Bugfix: Can’t update Apps settings in Safari browser.
  3. Improve stability of S3 storage.
  4. Improved error log if Apps is disabled for certain users.


build:1548815043, released on 1548815438

Parallel performance optimized.


build:1548505654, released on 1548506009

fix: Drive file backups get 404 error while exporting some documents.


build:1548493861, released on 1548494415

First release